The American Hosta Society has held a national convention since 1968. In the beginning, the conventions were held every other year but has now been held annually for over 20 years. This multi-day event is jam-packed with activity for all. Attendees get a chance to tour several private and/or public gardens; attend educational seminars; compete in the Leaf Show; attend Hosta Judges Clinics; shop several vendors featuring the latest and greatest hosta additions, companion plants or garden-themed accessories; bid in the auction for that unique "must have" hosta; and best of all, meet up with old friends and make new ones.


In addition, the Society holds its annual business meeting, the Board of Directors meets to establish policy, and annual awards are presented.

The annual convention is hosted by a local society, who plans and organizes all aspects of the convention with guidance from the American Hosta Society Convention Committee. The Green and Gold Hosta Society of  Northeastern, Wisconsin is the proud host of the 2019 AHS Convention. Unique to this AHS convention is the inclusion of the Midwest Hosta Society. The Midwest Hosta Society will hold their annual members' meeting and a silent auction at the 2019 AHS convention.


Each convention is a unique experience for all, defined by the location and the heart of the planners.  Plan on attending another great convention where we celebrate the uniqueness of the genus hosta and the 'friendships' it grows.

AHS Mission

The American Hosta Society is an international, not-for-profit, educational, scientific society formed to foster and promote knowledge and interest in the genus Hosta through education and outreach, to encourage the introduction and development of new and improved varieties of hostas into cultivation, and to promote the registration of new cultivars in our role as the ICRA (International Cultivar Registration Authority) for the genus Hosta.

Subject to change without notice.

Green and Gold 2019 AHS Convention Planning Committee


              Tammy Borden

              Jen Peterson


                Gina Burgert


                Glenn Erdmann

Hosta Show

                Chuck Zdeb

                Co-Chair Pat Gwidt


                Nancy Gardebrecht


                Pat Gwidt


                Germaine Schwaller

                Judy Systsma


              Tammy Borden


                Mary Vertz


                Gina Burgert


                Linda and Gary Joslin

Table Decorations

                Jill Dowland

Booklet, Maps, Newsletter, Signs

                Kyle Gigot

Vendor Room Prep, Routes

                Terry Vertz

Message from AHS VP Conventions

Great gardens, good friends...


  The AHS invites you to showcase the great gardens in your area while hosting an AHS convention where good friends come together to appreciate everything Hosta.

  This premier HAS annual event is the highlight of many a hostaphile's year, combining business with pleasure; garden tours, vending, the AHS Live Auction and Cut Leaf Show are highly anticipated components of each convention, along with scientific lectures and other educational opportunities.  And Hostatality

  The American Hosta Society will provide you with years of collected data and access to the wisdom of former convention chairs while planning your convention, and will bear major responsibility for organizing the Cut Leaf Show and Live Auction.

  If your area has good hotel facilities and some grand gardens deserving of exhibition, contact me to begin a conversation and learn more about applying to host an AHS Convention. We'd love to visit your area.

Amy Peterson, VP Conventions

651-773-3975  petersonhosta@q.com

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