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We've put together 10 outstanding private gardens for your touring pleasure. Visit four private gardens in the Fox River Valley area on Friday and six private gardens in the Green Bay area on Saturday. Driving and looking for a place for a bite to eat?  Click the "Local Restaurants" link to download a listing of local restaurants located near the gardens.  Local Restaurants.

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Jill and Rick Dowland

Forest Junction


 Our gardens began in 1994 after the birth of our daughter, Kylea.  They began slowly with only a shovel and secretly expanding the beds around the house when edging (Rick loved his grass). Each year a new perimeter bed was added, then finally the middle just HAD to be filled in.  By 2000 the only grass left was the paths.


Originally filled with sun loving cottage garden perennials and grandma’s hostas, the surrounding trees brought in more shade, necessitating some changes. 


Our first purchased hostas were from Spring Hill and Michigan Bulb (I know, I know) with a few others added here and there, but we were still not bitten by the hosta bug. 

We now have close to 800 varieties trying to tame that original cottage garden. Other perennials including heuchera, iris, sedums, Asiatic lilies, daylilies, alliums and 1000s of spring bulbs add color.


Our custom wood fence features many unique bird houses.  Also featured are a small gazebo and bridge, two arbors, a pergola, and two small ponds.

Herb and Gladie King

Green Bay


Our woodland gardens are ever changing . . . a work in progress.  They are tucked into a wooded area on a large city lot.  The gardens envelop the front and back of the home using the natural flow of the land to its best advantage.


Being “hooked” on hostas since the early 90’s, Herb has been hybridizing for over 20 years.  More than 400 of our hostas are named while hundreds more are still under evaluation.  These are mixed with more than 550 commercial varieties and planted amidst astilbe, ferns and other colorful accent plants.


Paths wind throughout the gardens passing over a babbling stream flowing into a pond, under arbors and around pavilions, passing fountains and garden statuary along the way. An elevated deck stretches across the back of the house offering not only a perfect view of the pond and gardens but providing a backdrop for vines and container plantings.


We virtually live in our gardens as playing in the “yarden” is our favorite pastime.  It keeps us young at heart!!

Bob and Barb Klika

Green Bay


Several themed gardens are featured within our one third acre gardens.  They are the Memorial Garden, centered around the pond area, the Police Garden, the Sweet Shop Garden, and the Wine Garden. 


Throughout the gardens are hundreds of varieties of hostas, daylilies, heuchera, phlox and lilium. 

To pull all this together and make you want to sit for hours, is a flowing waterfall spilling into a pond filled with water lilies and fish swimming within.


Hardscaping features stone paths and walls winding within the various gardens along the sloping hillside, with benches for resting and enjoying all that our yard has to offer.


Our garden was on the 2014 Region 2 Daylily Tour and in that same year was awarded The Gardeners Club of Green Bay Silver Trowel Award.

Dennis and Amy Russell

De Pere


Welcome to our little quarter acre garden retreat.  Our suburban yard is totally shaded by six very large trees.  The shade is beautifully dappled and is perfect for growing hostas and other shade tolerant plants - EXCEPT - that the six trees are Silver Maples – the scourge of hostas growers.  

Meandering pathways of brick or stepping stones lead to ever-new and varied displays of hosta beds. Stone-lined berms provide beds for over 700 hostas including more than 400 distinct cultivars. Over 100 of the cultivars are in pots – some in the ground (to protect them from the tree roots) and others are in decorative pots throughout the garden. Over twenty-five understory trees have been added to the garden. Many varieties of ferns, heuchera and ground cover are dispersed throughout the garden as companion plants. Architectural hardscape, unique structures and fencing have also been added to enhance the hosta viewing experience and provide backdrops or focal points.  

Enjoy a quiet stroll through the gardens, sit awhile on the homemade benches and experience this peaceful and intimate garden retreat.

Karen and Karl Vanden Heuvel



From what was once a hayfield in 1978, our 2.5 acre was the result of a do-it-yourself family affair with our two sons playing a major role in its development. 


We have many different garden areas, each with their own personality, but stone of various types and sizes is a recurring theme.  We've never met a rock we didn't like! 


A sunken formal garden features a homemade copper garden gazebo.  In 2002, we began building our 'Quarry Garden' which consists of over 800 tons of hand-placed limestone and a small pond, planted with many varieties of dwarf conifers and perennials. 


A large shade garden is home to our collection of hostas interplanted with various annuals and garden art. 


We look forward to your visit.

Mary and Terry Vertz "Windy Ridge Gardens"

De Pere


We built our house in the middle of a hay field in 1986 and the gardens have been a work in process ever since. A few hosta came with us from our old house and in the first 10 years a Hosta was added here and there.


Our Hosta collection really took off around 2000 (empty nesters) and since has grown to over 1000 named varieties plus a few unknown varieties and numerous seedlings. Included in our collection is an old fashion variety that has its origins from the farm where I grew-up.


Through the years, lawn has been lost to numerous gardens, including one stretching about 300 feet along one cedar line. The gardens include numerous shade and sun loving perennials. Various garden art is scattered throughout the gardens to add a little touch of whimsy. You’ll find angels, frogs big and small, and other whimsical art.


We love to share our gardens, so come take a leisurely stroll.

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