10 Large Blue Hosta Varieties

In this article, we will look at the largest blue-leafed hostas. Such hostas are very popular nowadays and deserve your attention.

Colossal Blue Hosta

In shady regions of your landscape, big, heart-shaped, blue-green leaves really pop. These stunning women, who stand 30-36″, will wow anybody who sees them. In July, 2-4 week-long flower spikes with pale lavender to white petals bloom.

In shadow gardens, Colossal Blue Hosta makes a striking impression. The plant grows 30 to 36 inches tall with a spread of 36 to 48 inches, and its blue-green, heart-shaped leaves measure 10 to 20 inches wide. the perennial in shade that resists slugs.

These shade perennials will enchant you with their deep blue hostas, delicate powder blue hosta plants, powerful blues, and fragrant blues.

Big Mama Hosta

Hosta Big Mama is a hybrid of “Blue Tiers” and “Blue Angel.” It has either dark green or green-blue foliage. Light and location affect color intensity. It is a little bit bigger than the “Big Daddy,” and the clump’s form is similar to that of a “Blue Angel.” Beautiful when grown as a specimen or as a perennial among other hostas in a perennial bed.

A large pile of blue-green leaves with corrugations. Blue leaves develop but become blue-green in the summer as the wax wears off. The thick leaves are curled and cupped somewhat.

Canadian Blue Hosta

This stunning hosta makes a deep blue sea of foliage that is ideal for borders, pots, or as ground cover beneath a tree and has enormous, heart-shaped leaves in an unusual color. Beautiful, rippling leaves are fairly thick and resistant to slug damage. In the middle to end of the summer, pale lavender flower scapes develop.

The distinctive Hosta cultivar known as “Canadian Blue” has crinkled, deep blue-green leaves. Lovely lavender-purple blooms continue to adorn this magnificent perennial from July through August. They are a fantastic choice for planting in patio pots or garden borders since they grow to a height of 50 cm, and their beautiful beauty will definitely bring character and charm to your garden.

Blue Umbrellas Hosta

With its enormous, heart-shaped, blue-green leaves, the hosta “Blue Umbrellas” is suitably called. One of the biggest hostas is this one. With lavender blooms, the thick, puckered leaves are generally sun-tolerant and slug-resistant.

This blue-green hosta, which is close to 3 feet tall and 6 feet broad, stands out in any garden. In the spring, enormous reverse-cupped leaves with lovely blue foliage appear. In the summer, the leaves are a glossy dark green tint.

H. “Blue Umbrellas” is a hardy plant with excellent slug resistance and strong sun tolerance. Although it can tolerate some exposure, growing it in the sun will fast cause the blue to fade. In the summer, pale lavender flowers bloom.

Krossa Regal Hosta

Another hosta with big, grey leaves Beautiful glaucous leaves on long stalks with parallel veins and a mild corrugation. The wavy edges reveal a peek of a light grey-blue bloom on the underside due to each tip’s upward inclination. Mid- to late-summer lilac flower spires.

This hosta really stands out in the shadow garden because to its erect, frosty-blue, shimmering leaf. Pale lavender blooms are shown above the leaves on 5-foot-tall stalks.

Strong leaves withstand slug damage. when combined with creamy variegated hostas, makes a striking statement. a perennial herbaceous plant.

Elephant Ear Hosta

Huge (17′′ long by 13′′ wide) green leaves in a large clump spanning 29′′ high by 61′′ with a little corrugation along the veins and a widely oblong-ovate form.

a substantial, 1.5-m-wide, clump-forming deciduous perennial. height: 80 cm. Giant leaves may reach a length of 45 cm, are heart-shaped with strongly imprinted veins, and are green with a blue bloom. In the summer, it produces loose clusters of light purple blooms on stems that are over a metre tall.

Love Pat Hosta

Hosta ‘Love Pat’ produces a medium-sized mound of blue leaves that are deeply cupped and strongly corrugated. In the spring, leaves with a lot of wax on them emerge with a vivid blue hue.

The leaves become blue-green in the late summer. Due of the excessive cupping, you can see the white underside of the leaves on certain leaves.

The leaves produce a magnificent mound of blue-green foliage and are thick for good slug resistance. early summer white blossoms. azure leaves with great corrugation and deep cups.

Large to Medium Hosta Cultivar. blue-green color 20 inches tall by 50 inches broad is the size. Blue Hosta with Slug Resistance.

Azure Snow Hosta

The blue foliaged hosta is arguably the greatest in the past ten years! This magnificent H. hypoleuca hybrid by Pete Ruh has enormous, wavy, pointed blue-gray leaves that arch out on long petioles before draping downward. At the 1996 hosta conference, a mature clump in the Walden West garden generated a lot of buzz. Early in the summer, the 16″ flower scapes’ ends are where the lavender blooms are kept.

15″ tall. Fair Shade. Medium plant with white back and sky-blue foliage is a Homestead introduction. In July, lavender blooms. Recipient of the Lucille Simpers Award in 1996. White backs with powder blue sleeves. Triangular, 12″ long leaves are present. leaf tips with a slight twist and undulating margins.

Blue Belle Hosta

Round to cordate, blue-green leaves. filled with quality material. Lavender blossoms The Hosta ‘Tardiflora’ x sieboldiana ancestry of this Eric Smith hybrid produces a lovely, strong, 3′ wide clump of thick, oval, blue-green leaves. Early in the summer, 2′ scapes of lavender blooms cover the clumps.

Heavy, rounded blue leaves with lavender blooms. Very blue, spherical, cupped leaves that make a substantial mound. Lavender blossoms TF2x22 2. blue scale Rarely seen medium-sized mound that stands out for its excellent growth rate, slug resistance, and vibrant blue-green hue.

Blue Heaven Hosta

Silvery, slightly-folded, gray-blue leaves in the form of a heart. In mid-summer, pale lavender blooms appear. several flower scapes are produced. Place plants in mild to partial shade. Hosta, medium to large.

Silvery blue foliage, a ‘Blue Cadet’ seedling that resembles a ‘Tardiana’ in many ways.

Medium-sized Hosta “Blue Heaven” has blue leaves, grows in semi- and full-shade, and bears lavender flowers. The growth is moderate, and the height ranges from 40 to 45 cm.