Hosta Virus X: What You Need to Know

Anyone who grows hostas in a serious way has almost surely heard of Hosta Virus X. This article is designed to inform the casual hosta gardener of the facts that they need to avoid bringing plants in that are affected by the virus if at all possible and to know what to do if it is present in their gardens. Continue reading

Do Hostas Like Coffee Grounds?

Hostas are easy to grow plants that favor the shade best and come back year and year again. Just like any plant, Hostas will do even better when given a little bit of extra tender love and care. One foolproof way to give your Hosta a little bit of extra attention is by introducing fertilizers, like coffee! But do Hostas like coffee? Continue reading

Can Hosta Grow In Sandy Soil?

In various ways, hostas are a gardener’s best friend. They are hard and resilient, and once established, their coverage of brilliantly colored leaves is unmatched. While hostas are relatively easy to care for, there are certain things to keep in mind. For instance, as with any other plant, the type of soil matters and this raises the question, can a hosta grow in sandy soil? Continue reading