American Hosta Society 2019 National Convention

51st Annual American Hosta Society National Convention ‘Friends – Foliage – Forever’ in Green Bay, WI

Location: Radisson Hotel & Conference Center Madison – Middleton, Wisconsin, USA

Date: July 10-13, 2019

Coordinators of the event: Diane Nowacki Nichols and Buffalo Area Daylily Society

Headquarters: Madison Marriott West 1313 John Q. Hammons Drive, Middleton, WI


  • Rick Goodenough
  • Don Dean
  • Olga Petryszyn
  • Doug Beilstein
  • Jeff Miller

This convention will discuss the cultivation of hostas in a variety of environments. We will pay special attention to diseases and pests. Our speakers are experienced horticulturists who will share their practical skills with you.

Convention Topics:

In the second part, there will certainly be an auction in which you can buy rare varieties of hostas. They are usually one-of-a-kind and unique. Variegated and miniature varieties will be certainly at the top of the list.

We also have books by various authors about hostas. By reading these books you will learn a lot of useful information. You will be able to talk to some of the authors in person!

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