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Thanks for coming!

Thanks for coming and making the American Hosta Society 2019 Convention a great success!

Hope everyone had a great time (we sure did) and enjoyed visiting the gardens and the area. Mother Nature presented a challenge at times, but gardeners are always prepared for whatever she decides to send our way. More than one person mentioned, they filled up their camera's memory card or downloaded images after the Friday garden tours so they had room for Saturday's gardens.

Auction was a huge success. Thanks to all who hung in there to continue to bid on the beautiful plants and items donated by our many donors. We were expecting around 200 items to auction off and ended up with a total of 254 with very few duplicate hostas. 

The late nights in Hostatality speaks for the success of Hostatality, where all gathered to eat, drink and share stories.

It was a time for catching up with old friends and making new friends. A time for 'surfing' the vendors via your feet instead of the web and finding that 'special' gotta have hosta. It was a time for visiting new places. 


noun  |  host·af·fin·i·ty  |  host-ə-ˈfi-nə-tē  |

  • A feeling of kinship among people who share a love of the genus hosta.

    • Hostatality visitors​

    • Hallway mini meetings

    • Dinner conversations

    • Speaker attendance

    • Garden visitors

    • Seedling competition participants and visitors

    • Hosta Show participants and visitors

    • Local nursery/garden shoppers

  •  The uncontrollable desire to have every hosta ever grown. Ever.

    • Many repeat 'surfing expeditions' to the vendors​

    • Tenacious bidding in the auction

    • Shopping local Hosta nurseries

    • Photographing and make copious notes of hostas found in the tour gardens

    • Asking Garden Hosts 'Where did you find that hosta?'

I think everyone did a great job of living up to the meaning of 'Hostaffinity'!

Again a big thanks from our committee to everyone who attended.

Looking forward to meeting everyone at the 2020 Hosta Vision convention in Minneapolis. Stay tuned for details by visiting the American Hosta Society convention page

 Mary Vertz -  2019 Webmaster 


noun  |  host·af·fin·i·ty  |  host-ə-ˈfi-nə-tē  |


  •  A feeling of kinship among people who share a love of the genus hosta.

  •  The uncontrollable desire to have every hosta ever grown. Ever.



Attendees of the AHS national convention certainly have an affinity toward hosta, but they also have an affinity toward other hosta lovers! Maybe that’s why it’s called the “friendship plant” — it brings people together.


Join hundreds of other hosta enthusiasts from around the country and the world for the 51st annual convention held in Green Bay, Wisconsin June 12–15, 2019, hosted by the Green & Gold Hosta Society.


We welcome you to beautiful and picturesque Northeast Wisconsin where you’ll tour iconic gardens, hear world-renowned speakers, shop a variety of vendors, participate in friendly competitions and a live auction, eat great food and, most importantly, enjoy the company of fellow gardeners and friends, both new and old.

Tammy Borden

Co-Chair 2019 Convention Planning Committee

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